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A tour operator, specialized in sustainable tourism and ecotourism with accompaniment in natural protected areas of Colombia, in natural reserves of towns, regional and national, linking and supporting projects in community ecotourism in buffer zones of natural reserve areas.

Legally constituted in the commerce chamber in the year 2002 with national registry of tourism N ° 9060 by Ministry of Trade Industry and Tourism of Colombia.

Ecoturismo Estratégico, is a tour operator in sustainable tourism (Ecotourism) in natural protected areas of Colombia, which produces a minimum impact on natural ecosystems, educating and raising the awareness of stakeholders about the importance of nature care, from the principles of development Sustainable human rights, enshrined in Agenda 21 of 1992.

Honor Awards: for sustainable tourism. 3rd place, best category in actions for the benefit of local communities - Ministry of Trade Industry and Tourism of Colombia - Bogotá, December 2013. Winner-' II annual contest of business plans and companies constituted” – believe in Colombia, create enterprise" Social Impact, environmental and services - Ministry of Trade Industry and Tourism of Colombia. Bogotá in 2005. Winner 5th Ingenuity Call 2011-'Structuring of a Management Model in Good Practices for Sustainable Tourism (MGBPTS from Spanish) –Chamber Commerce of Medellín for Antioquia and Route N.


To strengthen sustainable tourism through ecotourism in protected natural areas through visitor programs that integrate observation, recreation and environmental education. It promotes the identity of the environmental, historical and cultural heritage of the communities settled in buffer-zones areas of reserves, contributing to the sustainable development that Colombia is needing.


In the year 2021 we will take up a stance as a competent organization in the sustainable tourism with emphasis on ecotourism on the national ambience, integrating the communities located in areas of natural protection, encouraged the good sustainable practices in the environmental, social ambiences, economically and preserving the environmental and cultural patrimony of Colombia.


To make aware visitors of biodiversity and the potential for environmental and cultural heritage of natural strategic areas in Colombia.

To provide alternatives for economic incomes to the buffer-zones of protected areas coming from ecotourism and sustainable tourism areas.

To support environmental initiatives that contribute to a good awareness in the conservation and preservation of our natural patrimony of Colombia.


  • Quality
  • Honesty
  • Efficiency
  • Responsibility
  • Observance
  • Suitability
  • Join social responsibility
  • Justice
  • Respect to the cultural and environmental heritage of Colombia.

Ecoturismo estratégico has 12 years of experience of work exploring for the management in social and environmental impact with important awards for its job.

Winner of the third place Rewarded to the Sustainable Tourism. Category: Better in actions for the benefit of the local communities - Ministry of Trade Industry and Tourism of Colombia - Bogota, December, 2013.

Winner of the call Inngenio 2011, Commerce Chamber of Medellin for Antioquia – Route N. in the “Structure of a Model of Management in Good Practices for the Sustainable Tourism (MGBPTS from Spanish), implementing guidelines of sustainable in the economic, environmental and social applicable to the involved actors in the value chain of tourist services”.

Winner of the II annual contest of business plans and constituted enterprises” Believe in Colombia, create enterprise. May 3rd of 2005. Environmental, social impact and services - Ministry Commerce, industry and tourism, Bogotá, Colombia.


It is an operator enterprise in nature (ecotourism) from the guidelines of sustainable tourism in protected areas of Colombia (South America) that produces a minimum impact on natural ecosystems, educating and making aware the actors involved about the importance of caring for nature from the principles of sustainable human development, acclaimed in the agenda 21 of 1992.


Operator in Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas and ecotourism