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Ecoturismo Estratégico S.A.S is a responsible tour operator to organize and develop the experiences of trips under the principles of ecotourism and following the guidelines of sustainable tourism. We develop our activity in natural protected areas of Colombia (South America), committed to the minimization of the impact on ecosystems, and the promotion of education and awareness of those who are involved in our travel experiences.

Aware of the importance of having a sustainable tourism development, assuming the principles adopted specifically in the Technical Standard or Norma Técnica Sectorial NTS-TS 003,Ecoturismo Estratégico S.A.S,is committed to carry out a sustainable management of the activities, by adopting commitments which aim at preventing , reduce or eliminate the negative impact generated by the planning and operation of the activities developed in the destinations that we offer; and optimize the sustainable management of Ecoturismo Estratégico S.A.S, , improving its behavior with the environment.

Ecoturismo Estratégico S.A.S strives for a responsible, respectful and conscious tourism of the natural environment, the socio - cultural manifestations and the local economic development, which favors the enjoyment of an exchange of positive experiences between residents and visitors, where the tourist - community relationship is fair.

In this sense, Ecoturismo Estratégico S.A.S,adopts this policy of sustainable tourism, in which it is engaged to fulfill the requirements established in the Technical Sectorial Norm (Norma Tecnica Sectorial) NTS-TS 003, which also includes the legal requests that regulate the effects generated by the tourist activity. Likewise, we are also engaged to motivate and qualify to our personnel with formative actions and awareness through the principle of the sustainable tourism. That is to promote good environmental practices on the environment, participate in academic trips and to report both internally and externally on the advances and environmental performances of the enterprise.

Ecoturismo Estratégico . will permanently work in the continuous improvement of the sustainable management processes in the socio-cultural, natural and economic dimensions, as well as the satisfaction of our clients. This policy of sustainable tourism will be always updated. This sustainable tourism policy will be updated whenever circumstances require, adopting and publishing in both cases new sustainability objectives in order to do and promote our best.

Revised and Approved (Travel Agency Address - Sustainability Leader)


Operator in Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas and ecotourism