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The sustainable tourism or Responsible tourism is a way of tourism that follows the sustainable principles, promised to do a low impact on the environment and local culture, at the time that it helps to generate income and employment for the local populations.

Typology in the experiences of trips that we operate on in the national territory

  • Tours and academic experiences to institutions of primary, high school and university with emphasis on pedagogical projects.
  • Sustainable Tourism in Indigenous, Black and Peasant Basis Communities Community
  • Ecotourism in Protected Areas of Colombia Archaeological Tourism in World Heritage Sites, San Agustin, Earth in / 1.995 UNESCO
  • Rural tourism in cultural landscapes, World Heritage / 2011 UNESCO
  • Experimental tourism in agro-tourism, ethno-tourism, trades and tasks in the Colombian countryside Trekking, tracking in natural regions of the mountainous system of Colombia
  • Scientific tourism in mammal tracing Amazonian jungle in Tikuna indigenous territories.
  • Multi-destiny in natural regions of Colombia (Caribbean, Andean, Amazon, Orinoquia, pacific)
  • Aviturismo (ornithology) in natural regions of Colombia
  • Advice in the guidelines of destinations with ecotourism vocation with emphasis on the sustainable tourism
  • Training in basic concepts in sustainable tourism, tourism of nature and ecotourism.
  • Basic training in guide and environmental instruction and handling of operation in trips in the nature.
  • Planning and development of the local tourism, with emphasis in sustainable and community participation.
  • Inventories and diagnoses of local, regional and national tourism offerings Tourism development projects
  • Design and budget of tourism products and ecotourism in the different typologies.
  • Tours of knowledge exchange oriented to sustainable environmental projects and conservation in peasant, indigenous and afro descendant communities in the National territory.
  • Accompaniment to sustainable tourism projects in rural and urban communities.
  • Environmental and socio-cultural impact studies on tourism Operation in eco-tourist destinations in protected areas of Colombia
  • Advising and accompanying academic visits to institutions of basic, middle and higher education with emphasis on pedagogical projects.
  • Volunteers in natural protected areas in Colombia.
  • Tour operators in Aviturismo (ornithology) in natural regions of Colombia Eco-tourist

Destinations of Nature - Colombia - South America

  • Amazon trapeze Colombia, Peru and Brazil
  • Archaeological Park Lost City Sierra Nevada of de Santa Marta / Reserves of the Biosphere year 1979
  • Archaeological Park of San Agustín / Patrimony of the humanity / cultural good year 1995
  • Archaeological Park Tierra Adentro / Patrimony of the humanity / Heritage cultural year 1995
  • Los Nevados National Park / Ramsar place in 2004
  • Otún Quimbaya Flora and Fauna Sanctuary. / Place Aicas.
  • National Park Gorgona Island / place Aicas.
  • Tayrona National Park / biosphere reserve year 1979


Operator in Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas and ecotourism